Genshin Impact: How to make more Wishes guide Primogems and Fates

How to buy primogems

For the reason being that you can buy each of these once and still receive the double Genesis Crystals bonus. I have made a purchase of the $29.99 and the $49.99 Genesis Crystal bundles and still have bonuses available for the other denominations. The sense of pride you get from completing achievements isn’t the only reward in Genshin Impact.

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Everything New in Genshin Impact Version 3.8 – New Area, Klee and ….

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So be sure you’re investigating your surroundings well while locating chests. Although Genshin Impact is technically free-to-play, you can make in-game purchases. While you can’t directly buy more Wishes, you can buy some of the currency needed in-game to get Wishes.

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Doing so will help you fast-travel throughout the world more easily and even yield 5 Primogems each. Sure, the yield is minute compared to other farming methods listed here. It’ll take approximately 50 Primogems just to refill 60 Original Resin. This will earn you roughly 30 XP scrolls for characters and 300 XP for Adventure Ranks.

How to buy primogems

However, it will take a lot of grinding just to get a substantial amount. If you want to know how to get Primogems fast, the honest answer is by buying them from the store. The very first Battle Pass within Genshin Impact is supposed to be easy for early players. However, with life as busy as it can be, it’s not always feasible to complete all the missions.

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For example, if a player purchases two Blessings of Welkin, their account will receive 90 Primos every day for the next 60 days rather than 30. Since rewards are not tied to specific days, you’ll need to check-in on at least 18 different days throughout the month to claim all of the possible Primogems. Activities such as ascending characters and earning Adventure EXP are simple to accomplish if you’re willing to invest some time in the game. These tasks can be accomplished while doing the things you’d typically do in the game. Most of the activities you engage in while playing the game will eventually yield Primogems, making the system seem quite generous. However, given the rate at which you’ll be using them, having more is always better.

  • With that said, it’s certainly worth it to invest in leveling up your ranking if you want more Primogems.
  • You only get a few from every 4-star item but the items are also cheap.
  • That’s great news for fans of Genshin who are heavily invested in its world and gameplay.

For the next 30 days after purchasing the Blessing of Welkin, players can collect 90 Primos the first time they log in for the day. However, some domains will only grant rewards on the first time you clear them. These domains aren’t focused on giving you character-building materials. Instead, they’re usually tied to the game’s lore in some way and offer generous one-time rewards, including Primos. The most straightforward and easiest way to earn Primogems in Genshin Impact is by completing quests.

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That’s because leveling up in rank also earns you Primogems – as well as completing activities like the Spiral Abyss. Moreover, playing more will also help you steadily earn Primogems from achievements, login bonuses, and daily commissions. Within Genshin Impact, there are what you’d call the “Hangout Series” events. This simply allows players to have a great time with beloved in-game characters. It also lets you earn valuable rewards if you unlock different endings and achievements. Make sure to check in on this specific event so you won’t miss out on potential Primogem rewards.

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Genshin Impact train spotted in Xiamen.

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Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game. After you’ve purchased your Crystals, choose the Wish option from your menu and click on your primogems in the top right corner. It’s recommended that you buy Intertwined Fates, as this allows you to get special characters and items. There are a few different ways, and much of it comes down to the in-game currency that’s used to purchase Wishes.

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Participating in events is the best and fastest way to get a significant amount of Primogems in a short time. Fortunately, Hoyoverse maintains a consistent schedule of events, providing nearly constant opportunities to earn plenty of Primos. You also have every right to spend real-world money on Genesis Crystals to get more Primogems. But with so many options to earn what you need, and having it actually be fun, you really don’t need to.

As you finish every chapter, you’ll be able to earn a couple of Primogems each time. Moreover, opening chests and finding enemies also gives you other benefits like earning experience points (EXP). It’s also a great way to complete your Adventurer Handbook’s challenges.

Primogem Guide Jump Table

Thus, while some methods may offer more Primos, others may rank higher on the list due to having a smaller time commitment. You can also utilize them to acquire more Original Resin or level up your Battle Pass if you’re lagging behind. However, unless you’re regularly spending large sums of money on the game, this is a less than ideal usage of them.

How to buy primogems

Think loot boxes – by making Wishes, you get random rewards like a new weapon, a playable character and plenty more. Obviously the best stuff is rarer, so you’ll probably want as many Genshin Impact Wishes as you can get to can chase that dream drop. Most gacha games have this system and compared to others, they are more generous with their rates when it comes to getting artifacts or gear. There is no reason they would do this unless they have something planned in the future to use this exclusive currency. Everything you pull out of the wishes used will give you Stardust. This is the more common currency and is treated more like another pity system where you can cycle through more wishes by doing more wishes.

Genshin Impact is a popular game, and as such, its developers are constantly updating it with new content. That’s great news for fans of Genshin who are heavily invested in its world and gameplay. However, the downside to this is that sometimes, the server will go down to update the game. In addition, don’t expect that Daily Commissions will reap you tons of Primogems at once. The game will only reward a few at a time – although they will add up over time.

Of course, Genshin Impact’s login bonuses don’t always provide the same type of reward. Nonetheless, developers would sometimes sneak in a few Primogems in these daily check-in bonuses. Make sure to log in every day and check out the Events page every time. Looking to unlock more characters, weapons, and useful items in Genshin Impact? This crucial in-game currency is arguably the most essential – yes, even over Starglitter, Stardust, and Mora. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Primogens fast within the game.

  • Genshin Impact is a free, open-world game reminiscent of Breath of the Wild’s open-air gameplay mechanics.
  • Here’s what you need to know about how to get Primogens fast within the game.
  • It remains to be seen if prices will differ each month, as Wish events expire after a set amount of time.
  • Most of the activities you engage in while playing the game will eventually yield Primogems, making the system seem quite generous.
  • Farming Primogems is one of CakeBoost’s many Genshin Impact farming services.

Purchasing the Gnostic Hymn for a single Battle Pass period unlocks a huge cache of potential rewards. As long as you actively play the game and complete challenges in the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to easily max it out and claim all the rewards. Technically, purchasing Genesis Crystals is the most efficient way to obtain Primogems, as they convert on a one-to-one basis. However, this method requires spending real money to obtain the Genesis Crystals first. This is a great way to figure out whether a new character is worth pulling for, since you get to see how they mesh with your personal playstyle.

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