What is Selenium Used For?: An Essential Guide to its Uses, Benefits, and Features

So you run a while loop 100 times, incrementing variable i each time. Inside the while loop you use find_element(By.XPATH) and click() attribute to implement your functionality, For the text field, the send_keys method does the job. The time.sleep(1) waits for 1 second after submitting the form to avoid any unwanted error. The following code uses try and except for the same purpose (as a precaution). If there is no error, the tool will go on to submit another response in the same window.

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This grid is ideal for implementing automated tests across browsers and devices. The benefits of Selenium are manifold, ranging from accelerated test execution to ensuring reliability and repeatability in the testing process. By eliminating the need for manual testing and providing seamless integration with various programming languages and frameworks, Selenium offers a comprehensive solution for automating web applications.

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A combination of the user-name and the access-token is used for logging on to the platform. Sign in to create your job alert for Project Manager Testing jobs in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. In case you are interested in the management side of quality assurance in an agile environment, then I recommend reading this article written by my colleagues Ákos Piltmann and István Szarka.

Evaluating the frameworks based on our requirements

Selenium is a very popular test framework using which you can create scalable test cases for automated browser testing or cross browser testing. It is an open-source framework that automates a browser to behave like a user is expected to interact with your website. You can write test scripts in many languages, including but not limited to Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, etc. Selenium is utilized by a wide range of professionals, including software testers, QA specialists, developers, QA teams, and DevOps engineers. It is used in various industries and organizations of all sizes to ensure the quality and reliability of web applications.

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Software Testing: What Generative AI Can—and Can’t—Do.

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Next section in the  Selenium Automation Testing tutorial covers everything about Selenium WebDriver. Developed by Simon Stewart in 2006, Selenium WebDriver was the first cross-platform testing framework that could configure and control the browsers on the OS level. It served as a programming interface to create and run test cases. The desired cap dictionary specifies the specifications of the OS and Browser to be used.

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With the assertions, we have completed our tests and covered all the scenarios we discussed as a test automation strategy. Now, coming to assertions in the test, in the test, the respective column value will be compared with the expected value that we used while creating a new incident. Nth-child matches every element that is the nth child of its parent.

selenium cloud testing service

In contrast, manual testing is susceptible to human mistakes and inconsistencies. Selenium is a valuable testing automation tool for Agile and DevOps teams, developers, quality assurance professionals, software testers, and users with programming skills. SauceLabs is another champion in the field of cloud-based automation testing.

Why Use Cloud to Run Selenium Tests?

Selenium is an open-source, automated, and valuable testing tool that all web application developers should be well aware of. A test performed using Selenium is usually referred to as Selenium automation testing. However, Selenium is not just a single tool but a collection of tools, each catering to different Selenium automation testing needs. In this tutorial you will learn all about Selenium and the various types of Selenium automation testing tools.

Developers prefer to test a website or web application locally before it goes live. It ensures that the website’s content is rendered according to the device used to access it. But the plethora of devices, viewports, or operating systems availed by users poses a significant challenge for coherent responsiveness. Neither Selenium nor Selenide has built-in reporting, but you can easily integrate them with testing frameworks like JUnit or TestNg.

Features of VOLANSYS Selenium Data Driven Framework

With a single click, push bugs in your choice of project management tools, directly from LambdaTest platform. Blazing fast AI-powered test execution & orchestration selenium testing service on cloud that will beat your local test execution speeds. A LambdaTest exclusive platform that is guaranteed faster than any other cloud grid offering.

  • You can set these capabilities from the LambdaTest Capabilities Generator.
  • Developers prefer to test a website or web application locally before it goes live.
  • Additionally, Selenium is adaptable and available on several platforms thanks to its compatibility with multiple operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Even with the basic knowledge of any of this language is enough to work with Selenium.
  • For Parallel execution, both the files [one for testing on Chrome and other for testing on IE] are invoked from the terminal at the same point.

CreateNewIncident() method performs the action required to create a new Incident. As discussed in the automation testing strategy, let’s implement the Login Scenario, where the valid user will log in in the instance. @Parameters annotation in TestNG is used to set the browser parameter from testng.xml. So if we need to run the tests on different browsers, we don’t have to change the code every time. The browser name could be updated in the testng.xml and the test could be run accordingly.

Alternatives to Selenium

If an error is generated, it will close that window, and start with a new one. The driver.quit() statement at the end stops/completes the process of automation. Additionally, the Selenium community is crucial to determining the technology’s future. The active community contributions to frameworks, libraries, and best practices contribute to increasing Selenium’s functionality and usability. It can gain from ongoing updates, bug fixes, and innovations, thanks to a strong community, ensuring its applicability and efficacy in the ever-evolving field of automation testing.

selenium cloud testing service

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