Kid Cudi Confesses To Drug Use, “I Started Doing Cocaine To Get Through Interviews”

We know the work I’ve put in and the mark I’ve made in hip-hop and in pop culture overall. It’s kind of awesome to know that I created a wave that was big enough to shift things and inspire people. So it’s cool at the same time, but we all want to be acknowledged for hard work. I had it way wrong; a lot of people do. My addiction just had a very specific routine because I have responsibilities, too, and I’m in tune with my responsibilities. I made the choice to quit booze before I started tour, so the whole tour I was sober from alcohol and the whole show benefited from that—the energy and everything.

is kid cudi sober

That’s exactly what you have seen with me and Dot Da Genius. I have been married in music to Dot for several, several years. We have continued to make great music together. I almost feel like I have a new connection like that with Hit-Boy, where there’s a musical understanding without having to say anything. Those are rare combinations because I’ve been in the studio with many people, some of the greats and it just didn’t connect. During the tour I started working on Satellite Flight and even after.

Kid Cudi Celebrates Album Certifications, Shares Recovery Story While in Rehab

So their questions are coming from a half-hearted place. It was basically just a background vocal… I don’t know how to feel but I would’ve much rather been off that song. I don’t care to be on people’s songs like that. Unless it came from a legitimate session where we’re all vibing and have an idea. Do you still feel alone in the industry?

“Cocaine and liquor,” replies the Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ artist. Cudi is on a college tour and planning a worldwide trek for 2011. He’s also designing a collection for Bape, including a “Rager” T-shirt that will be available on the album’s release date, and is set to shoot the second season of HBO series “How to Make It in America” early next year. Additionally, he has struck branding partnerships with Converse, Vitaminwater and Heineken, while “Erase Me” appeared in the season premiere of CW’s “90210,” according to Zarro. Jada reveals her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Grammy-winning rapper Kid Cudi joins the Table and talks about his mental health problems and battle with addiction.

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Cudi says he first envisioned the project as an anthology, telling a story complete with its own universe of characters. This would eventually become the groundwork for his animated Netflix series of the same name, which premieres alongside the album. The series, which was executive produced by Kenya Barris, tells the story of a young bachelor named Jabari who, despite his own efforts, gets struck by the force of love. After rehab, Kid Cudi spoke to Billboard about finding peace in a 2018 cover story.

  • They dress it up in such a way just to get your attention with a fancy beat and some weird enunciation in their voices.
  • At midnight on Monday night, he wrote another chapter in the Cudi chronicles, dropping his fifth album, Satellite Flight, virtually out of nowhere.
  • That’s a big misunderstanding.
  • Had I not given Kanye “Creepers” my only presence would’ve been on that one song, that I can’t even remember the title for.

How do you think your contribution influences the sound of music nowadays? I think sober rappers everybody has a little Cudi in their heart. I think that it’s safe to say.

‘A Man Named Scott’: Kid Cudi reveals battles with depression, coke, suicide

It’s kind of just like, “OK. Back to the regularly scheduled program. Nothing else matters.” I’m not searching for nothing. I don’t need nothing so you know, I’m good. In this most recent interview, Cudi had some things to say to his fellow hip hop artists, stating that if they want the genre to survive and prosper in the genre, they need to step up their game and evolve.

“I am not at peace,” the Kids See Ghosts rapper wrote in the open letter. In between these stats, Cudi shared a recovery story while in rehab after the release of his “Frequency” video. It’s another showing of the artist being honest, open, and inspirational for people who have stayed sober. Dream On was an American record label founded in 2009, by Cudi alongside his managers at the time, Patrick Reynolds and Emile Haynie.

Special Report: Future of Music 2023

Kid Cudi has a lot to celebrate about and he wanted to share the news of some recent RIAA certifications to his fans. The Well Beings virtual town hall will also feature appearances by Ariel Winter, Billy Porter, Bill Pullman, Sean Astin, Alanis Morissette and many more and will be live-streamed on July 14 at 11 a.m. The artist shared a powerful statement in a new video for WETA, the PBS station in Washington D.C.

It’s like, motherfuckers say you ain’t shit without your homeboys, but I’m the nigga that is shit without any homeboys. I am the shit without anyone. Where does the lack of honor come from? Is it the Internet, artists, critics? Where do you feel that comes from?

Kid Cudi has appeared in several feature films and television shows. He is often credited by his birth name Scott Mescudi. Cudi’s mother, Elsie Mescudi, also opened up to Esquire about praying with her son and visiting him every day in rehab. The rapper was showered with love and admiration from fans who celebrated his vulnerability and willingness to show emotion. “U know whats crazy, and really makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on ig and theres mad comments questioning my sexuality floodin my page w insults,” he wrote.

is kid cudi sober

People like to throw around mainstream but I think I’m only mainstream because of my affiliations. Beyoncé was the first major artist to drop an album online without warning. Now you’ve done the same thing with Satellite Flight and everybody’s like “you pulled a Beyoncé.” That’s what it’s labeled as now.

Ur gonna be blown away. Changing the game as always. Cudi spoke about the Entergalactic a 2019 Complex interview, revealing he had come up with the show idea before decided to create a record. According to manager/producer Plain Pat, the new album is a sign of Cudi’s growth. “It’s more mature on all angles-the production, himself. He really lays it on the line on this album and it’s a lot more cohesive,” he says.

That wasn’t by accident. I’m indecisive and fickle when it comes to things creatively. But my mission has always been what it was. That’s why I can drop an album out of thin air and people will show up because they know it’s from my heart.

Beyoncé’s album came out around December. If I’d had a time machine I would’ve known, but her stuff was a surprise to all. SB2H is at 155k sold from 14k first week.

  • Why put four bars of vocals to coax my fans into thinking this is a legitimate Kid Cudi feature on this song and it isn’t?
  • When did you have the idea?
  • I wanted to have it around my 30th birthday.

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